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Claire Wettenhall was the woman that gave birth to the idea for Capital Corvette Club and she recruited the rest of the team to assist her in the process.

It all started at an outstanding car show where we all went together and took every picture we could, even writing some notes. She got a gleam in her eyes and asked us if we wanted to be a part of something fun.

Although Claire made us wait until the show was over and we headed out for drinks, her proposal made it all worth it. She confided in us her plans to set up a digital magazine that broadcasted our shared passion for Corvette cars.

We jumped right in and started writing out ideas on napkins and she even jotted down some on her hand.

Our Goals

When we finally sat down and established what we wanted to achieve with this magazine, the main goal of fuelling other people’s passion for these cars became evident. Although this was a good start, we started setting up other goals like updating the magazine each week to keep readers coming back for more.

We are only fans, as none of us work in the car industry, but this does not hinder our knowledge of these wonderful cars. After these main goals were set, we made up our minds about the categories we wanted our articles to fit in.

We always want to make sure our readers have it easy when it comes to finding the articles they want.

If you want to read only the best articles aimed at enhancing your knowledge about Corvette cars, you should keep an eye on Capital Corvette Club.